Matterhorn Monte Cervino


Dream Spring 2014 – Matterhorn Monte Cervino

“One of the most attracting peaks on our planet.” “The Matterhorn is symbol, vivid legend and superb attraction to mountaineers – for centuries.” This is how the first words read usually when it comes to the mythic mountain above Zermatt. Second comes: “Oktoberfest at the ridge.” “… of the extreme: victory and tragedy are nowhere closer.”  The rush for the icon is still on almost 150 years of its first ascent by Whymper and six climbers. Obviously tactics need to be well considered to turn this trip into a memorbale adventure. We hatched a plan and will head out as soon as the conditions allow. We’ll keep you posted here.

It is a fragment of some size
A group of broken walls
One of them overhanging
Crowned with a cornice
Nodding some hundred and fifty feet over its massive flank
Three thousand above its glacier base
Fourteen thousand above the sea
A wall truly of some majesty
At once the most precipitous and the strongest mass in the whole chain of the Alps
The Mont Cervin.
(Guido Rey: “Matterhorn”, 1907)

John Ruskin 1849

John Ruskin 1849

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