Piz Mottana's N slope
Piz Mottana's N slope



Caution – exceptional creation – to be repeated!

Only a week in advance we set the boundary conditions for this exceptional trip:
hike to ride …
travel to experience …
live to share …
… the dream of perfect fluff

Due to sub-optimum conditions in Northern Norway the Powderchasers asked for a rewarding trip through a remote area of the Alps. It’s clear that we are keen to help out and go chase with our Dutch sympathizers.

Eventually a trip was born to take us from the the eastern end of Switzerland through Italy to the wildest range of the Eastern Alps: Bernina. Within four intense days we climbed 7300 meters, rode 7800 meters and travelled about 65 kilometers – to be honest with cable support.

Last week the southern Alps received some fresh snow so we headed out. Quite relaxed avalanche conditions and a group of keen and fit riders made this trip a unique adventure. Projekt:Berg proudly presents its latest, shared project …

Comments ( 3 )

  1. / ReplyBas
    Thanks for the amazing experience and guiding,. Ban. It was a great adventure!
    • / Replyjurriaan
      Hey Ben, It was hard work but more than worth it. Thanks for guiding us these days. Indeed it was a great adventure!
  2. / ReplyMarnix
    Thanks Ben. This piece of journalism saved me the trouble to explain my mom what i've been doing. You took good care of us! Will remember. Will meet again!

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