Anriss Chlein Schwarzhorn

Sinking in white chaos?


We hope you did not sink in snow yet. Do you believe that the snow cover ressembles a patchwork rug? In other words, do you believe that snow is utter disorder? I mean when I see the snow stars on my shoulder, when I am on the chair on one of those powder days and see its perfectly shaped corners, I personally don’t.

We tried to collect information from different scientific works adressing the variable nature of the snowpack. And there is – you might not believe it – quite a lot around. Check it out!

This metaphor on the patchwork rug was created by a famous long bearded personality popular for his brilliant thoughts on reducing risk in avalanche terrain. I almost tend to say Mr Personality – but this is allusion with a famous ski movie which is really not to be adressed in this context.

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