“Lawinen reissen oben an”



SpurArt invited us to give a talk in the Bäckerei in March 2013.

¨Never seen before! That’s for sure.”

Innsbruck’s riders community was happy to see the lastest snow scientists came up with. Movies showed how crytals transform and how cracks race through the snow. But still the good winter vibes were not missing. Pics from all over the Alps made clear why we’re all  crazy about snow, but also the risk it brings. A current case study illustrated the risk and brought to mind the skills we need for travelling the backcountry. Finally we closed our presentation with the next days’ weather and avalanche forecast.

Hope to be there again this year before winter hits.  Bäckerei, SpurArt and we will keep you in the loop!


Hope to see you there!

Hope to see you there!

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