after the dump

Visiting the Carpathians


“Cabin crew, prepare for landing” … I wake up. Snow covered hills below me. Some houses spread in between the fog. A new chapter opens. It’s says: Mountain Guide Training in Eastern Europe. It’s my first visit. And it’s the first training of its kind – after the final rehearsal two years ago.

To take part in the training students from several countries get together. They’re all strong alpinists, some of them are already established national guides. During the afternoon large duffles pile up at the Paltinu hut. For the most part I don’t understand what people say. But faces tell me, they’re happy to arrive and they know each other. The mixed group has mastered the entry test, now they take their first winter training. So, the new guy, that’s me. But soon, the ice is broken and we ski, study and chat.

Thanks for teaching me the roots of the sastrugi, the difference between muschi and schnitzel, and how strong apple juice can be.

Keep up the vibes!

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