You may think it’s silly to leave France for rock climbing. Is Spain really warmer? Whatever – let’s go to Siurana, the well-known stronghold of elite climbers. But there is also plenty of moderate climbing around the charming village that sits below the orange cliffs. We enjoyed some last on warm rock before the cold season and got to do some “projects”. Mr “Alzheimer-onsight” – mentally prepared and not drunk this time – pulled up a nasty roof and could hide the pump he got from the roof in the dihedral that followed – thanks to his leopard dress. “Miss like crimps” got in the moves real quick after a two week working break – we know she’s not a climber, maybe rather a science nerd. “Herr Schneider” was around, too, but no one ever caught a shot of the creature. He’s said to have fiddled a lot with a weird open crack, we suppose some American chronical disease he has got. He eventually earned a green leave for the easiest route in the grade .

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