Desert season – Red Rocks


The desert season’s on!
The long sunny periods handed over to more changeable weather patterns.
We’re headed south. Nevermind the long drive it’s all new and exciting. Really.

Salt Lake City is so quiet on a Sunday morning. A spot in a coffee bar at 9 is easy to find.
Right, the Mormons are at church.
Same thing in Las Vegas. Almost 9 am and no one’s up for a coffee? What about Nevada’s religion and coffee?
Right, it’s 6:50 am. We missed daylight saving and pacific time.
But, we’re wearing flipflops – this we got right!

The first climb was on mediocre rock. The second a chilly outing on rather tiny holds for the grade.
Why are people crazy for this place?
– “So tonight we go out and play?”
– “I’m not sure I want to see the lavish splendor.”
– “A city build on ripping people off? I mean that’s what it is, isn’t it?”

In wait to finally discover the sandstone jewels we decided to hang out.
People at the campground were so generous to share their site.
So the next day, we spend a happy day on the south faces of the Juniper Canyon.
Birdland put a big smile on our faces: what a varied rock climb on good gear!
– “Should we check out downtown tonight?”
– “A enormous city in the desert that just feels weird.”
– “I mean the Colorado river delta in Mexico is dry and here the lawn is bright green … ”

After Y2K we were not sure whether we wouldn’t extend our stay.
Maybe a reason to put the topo online.
We loved it. And we almost passed downtown on the way home.
In the end we decided not to.
So, we no nothing about that place – time to stop the charges.


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