Tourchase – Flow and Spray


A trip of extremes: sunshine and fog, slush and powder, showers and sweat

A memorable trip in the spring-ish Silvretta range. “Decent” snow was hard to find, and similarily Italian coffee. We did our best to find both. Pictures prove we got some sweet turns in, but in search for “proper” coffee we had to rely on our own skills – best of all McGyver Jeroen.

But thats not all, our borders balanced plenty of switchbacks, mastered a couple of challenging traverses and finally began to”really like skiing”. I mean the downhill version. The skiers also suffered, though in a different way. Blisters and aching feet were their challenge. The evenings let forget the diurnal pain. While the risotto simmered under the sharp eyes of the cooking lawyer, the director called for “Toepen” and the “Bunter Abend” began to pick up drive – finally revealing some secret acting talents.

Thank you guys, you were great. And who still believes you were not up for that kind of trip, did not see the “switchback queen” saving her orange to the very moment: back at the parking.

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  1. / ReplyJeroen Mc. Gyver
    Ha Ben.. And what a great time we had...super pics! especially the powder pics were worth it waiting for the weather windows !!! hopefully we get on adventures again in the future and with this crew i'm always ready to go! Thanks everybody for a great 4 days

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