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High up on the Mountaineers (our 6th pitch)

The Elephant’s Perch – a jewel lies in wait


The sharp ridgeline looks like a sawing blade – despite the dense haze that is in the air. Too many wild fires currently are burning not too far away from the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho – and elsewhere in the U.S. Northwest. This mountain range holds some of the rock climber’s wildest dreams of unspoilt faces, perfect granite and  remote adventures at no more than a couple of hours walk.
As we’re in it for the fun, we took a shuttle across Redfish Lake, set up a camp and enjoyed 2 light daytrips to the Elephant’s Perch – rather than committing to a long roundtrip. What makes this trip still an adventure is that there is no guidebook on this area. We sketched a topo of the Mountaineer’s route – to the best of our memories and photographs.
This first small dose got us motivated … we’re coming back!

Monte_Eus_16_32 (2)

Ticino – Monte Eus – Cacciatori di Pareti


You could call it a Bachelor’s party – or farewell. Never mind, Jogy and Ben, were doing gymnastics on a impressive piece of rock. One incredible pitch after the other. To encourage other parties we drew a topo providing detailed beta up until the big ledge. Headed for the `party´ we skipped the last two pitches.

Sin palabras excelente




“Dunkel war’s der Mond schien helle – da kam ich an die Schlüsselstelle!” Frei nach diesem Motto verbrachten Peter Albert und Ben vier grossartige Ferienwochen am stürmischen Zipfel des südamerikanischen Kontinents. Schweifen die Alltagsgedanken für einmal hinüber, und schwelgt man in vertikalen Erlebnissen, kribbelt es sofort in den Fingern und juckt in den Zehen. Vielleicht geht es Euch auch so? Lest aus Peters Feder.